Kirkby Homes prioritises reducing environmental impact while maximising energy savings for homeowners.

Kirkby Homes takes pride in crafting residences that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also exceptionally energy efficient. Their commitment to sustainability is reflected in every aspect of the home’s design and construction. From utilising energy-efficient appliances to implementing smart home technologies and incorporating renewable energy sources like solar panels with battery storage technology, we prioritises reducing environmental impact while maximising energy savings for homeowners. Through meticulous insulation, efficient heating and cooling systems, and thoughtful orientation of the house to optimise natural light, Kirkby Homes creates spaces that promote a greener, more sustainable way of living without compromising on comfort or style.

What our clients tell us

We found from the start to completion of our new home that communications, workmanship and customer support to be very professional, confirming Kirkby Homes to be a first-class company.
The actions & reactions to customer needs was prompt, professional and efficient. All staff were polite and always happy to respond to any enquiry giving the feeling that you are a valued customer and your satisfaction is key. The quality of the build, the finish and the attention to detail is excellent.
We would certainly recommend Kirkby Homes as a high quality company in all respects including the build standards of their new homes.
Alan Simpson (Owner Windfall Paddock)
I moved into my new Kirkby Homes home five weeks ago. The attention to detail and quality of fittings and workmanship are of the highest standard. Having lived with the property I am more & more impressed with the quality.
Kirkby Homes take personal pride in its projects and this is clear to see in all aspects. No corners have been cut and some really nice touches have been included. It is also noteworthy that David Kirkby is always available and responsive to any questions about the systems and equipment in the house.
I can unreservedly endorse the company and David himself.
Sean Harvey (Owner Foxmoor)

In November 2020, I moved into my new Kirkby Homes home. The quality of the build, fittings and workmanship are exceptional and the attention to detail is outstanding. Operating instructions, warranties, and care pamphlets for everything from appliances, worktops, floor covering to door handles were thoughtfully collated in indexed folders. I received excellent after sales service, all my queries were dealt with in a professional, helpful, friendly, and prompt manner. I highly recommend Kirkby Homes; they have treated me as a valued client throughout and I’m living in a beautiful home which I will love for many years to come.

Karen Bannister (Owner Critchmere)